About Us


Lanka Expatriate Services is a new concept and a company formed to assist Sri Lankan expatriates, students, dual citizens who have numerous requirements to be attended to in Sri Lanka while they are living/working, studying overseas or while visiting/holidaying in Sri Lanka. A survey in this respect was done and was found over 1.5 million Sri Lankans reside overseas & that they require an array of services which are listed in the site. (Over 50 services offered!)

Lanka Expat (LKX) Services, a registered company in Sri Lanka (W82163), was created, and commenced operation in 2007, as a result of the owners’ experience while living overseas and was seen as a dire necessity by most of their colleagues, to have a reliable service company to look after their needs in Sri Lanka.

The company will service the clients with reliable, professional expertise, in attending to almost any job and take care of your problems. At the same time, will create opportunity for you to trade your products, services & business ideas through numerous global markets with our links.

Lanka Expat Services is dedicated to promote Sri Lankan trade, tourism and investment as they believe that economic prosperity to its people is the best way to get out of most of the problems that the country faces today and further, thinks that it’s the responsibility of Sri Lankans globally to work together towards this goal.